We bring to life those pivotal moments that pushed the boundaries of what was possible.

Creating Functional Fleets will allow us to express this in a creative functional way is the backbone of what will make our pieces unique to all marketplaces.

Get to know our partner's and to understand what were those pivotal moments that launched them to greatness. 


From conception to creation we'll bring that beautiful struggle to life while ensuring our users profit off the Fleet drops.


NFT fleets will drop like meteors from the sky to secret locations, our interactive app will guide users to the fleet landing in both real life and ON OUR MARKETPLACE. Locations will be both established and lowkey local spots to provide a sense of mystery. Phone flashes alerting you there's been landing in the secret locations! Once the app is launched, a bird’s eye view is given to show where the fleets crash landed. When the fleets have been dropped the app will automatically go into sonar mode, the fleets having lower supply will make the interface create more urgency. The sonar vision will guide you safely to the drop site flashing either green=fully stocked to red when they're running low to black when it’s gone, updates will be in real time. Once real life NFT is purchased will receive a smart receipt with access to A rare drop ALONG WITH REAL LIFE FLEET COLLECTABLE! A marketplace will be developed for each individual partner and their fleet of NFTs using oracle networks to access different blockchains and fiat currencies.